Sue Fries Show – Did you hear that – 3/17/18

Sue Fries Show – Did you hear that – 3/17/18
The Sue Fries Show

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Deception, lies, and gossip. Sue explains ways to react when asked the question “Did you hear that…..?” Sharing her personal struggles and experiences in regards to gossip, she emphasizes the importance of saying kind and encouraging words to those you love. If we partake and pass gossip forward, we are then fueling the fire. Take a moment to ask yourself what is the benefit in keeping these words in circulation?

Tune in as Sue asks the question, “how are we affecting others with our words? She speaks about the power of saying and meaning “In the name of Jesus” to help defeat the devil, and asks believers and non-believers alike to think of the afterlife and what it “looks like, smells like, feels like.”

Want to see and hear more from Sue? Sue speaks about her TV show (The Sue Fries TV Show) on LA 36 every Sunday at 6:30 am, and the valuable messages she sends to her listeners weekly.