Sue Fries Show – Do Your Part – 1/21/17

Sue Fries Show – Do Your Part – 1/21/17
The Sue Fries Show

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This week, Sue talks about facing challenges as a Christian. She talks about her business, ECOLA Termite & Pest Control and theft. Sparked by recent incidents, Sue talks about standing firm on her principles in order to make the company thrive. She also talks about the power of doing your part in relationships by acting in the word of God.

Sue urges that you stay connected with your faith, regardless of the obstacles, and references how her positive relationship with her stepdad went south based on her religious beliefs.

Sue also shares the powerful tool of self-affirmations, called “I ams” on her radio show. Tune in and discover how you can record your own voice (set to music) as a reminder to push yourself in a positive direction.