Lana Vasquez – Life Impact International

Lana Vasquez – Life Impact International
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For over 12 years Lana Vasquez, Founder of Life Impact International, has been working in Southeast Asia with some of the most destitute, at-risk and exploited people groups in the world: children. With the vision to Prevent, Rescue, and Heal vulnerable children, Life Impact currently has safe homes on the Thailand-Burma Border and inside Burma with 103 children. From rescuing exploited children to preaching the gospel to rebel soldiers, Lana and the Life Impact team are changing their world one life at a time with the love and power of Jesus Christ!

Growing up in Southern California, Lana found herself addicted to alcohol and drugs, looking for love in all of the wrong places, dancing in the clubs of Hollywood, and eventually developing epilepsy from drug use – all by the age of 18. Then, at 19 years old, she had a radical encounter with Jesus and was saved, set free, instantly delivered from addiction and healed from epilepsy. It immediately became her personal commitment to reach and rescue others with the same love and power of Jesus Christ that reached down and rescued her. This commitment and purpose has led her to some of the most desperate places on the earth, searching for the lost and most vulnerable with a vision to Prevent, Rescue and Heal at-risk children around the world.  In summary: she was rescued to rescue others.

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