Sue Fries Show – Who Are You? – 10/28/17

Sue Fries Show – Who Are You? – 10/28/17
The Sue Fries Show

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This week on the Sue Fries Show, Sue reminds us that we the salt of the earth, the light of the earth and then asks, “Are you stuck?”. Sue shares a personal health issue that she is going through and explains the power of speaking in the name of Jesus. She talks about being focused on what we can do to be better when it comes to sleep, eating and our overall health.

Don’t miss out as Sue asks “Who are you?”. When we are believers and following Christ, we need to be in line with who he wants us to be. She goes on to speak about the beatitudes and reminds us that we are the light in the darkness. Don’t miss out as Sue gives us direction as to how we can become an ambassador and a child of God.