Sue Fries Show – What Do You Believe – 6/17/17

Sue Fries Show – What Do You Believe – 6/17/17
The Sue Fries Show

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Sue asks us what we believe. She references some questionable behavior by her employees, emphasizing acts of integrity versus using lies to get by.  Join in as Sue asks what we believe because it serves as a foundation for our actions and our perception of consequences by a higher power.

Listen as Sue talks about cancer survivor Joe and his amazing fight for survival. She also references a book by Sharman Dow, emphasizing finding the truth rather than listening to gossip to form your opinions. Sue goes on to emphasize being authentic and true to yourself without any false pretenses. Who you are when no one is looking is who you truly are. Tune in as Sue discusses the importance of voicing your true feelings in order to live your fullest life.