Sue Fries Show – The Gift of Discernment – 8/26/17

Sue Fries Show – The Gift of Discernment – 8/26/17
The Sue Fries Show

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This week on the Sue Fries Show, Sue talks about discernment. Have you ever been in a situation where you make a quick decision that could use have used more thought? Sue urges us to turn over every rock and make educated decisions that will positively affect ourselves and others. She continues to talk about what an honor it was for ECOLA to be featured in the Harvest Crusade centerfold article.

Don’t miss out as Sue talks to us about what love looks like. She asks us to evaluate our partner by their character and who they are when no one is looking.  Tune in as Sue speaks of the lessons that dogs can teach us and asks the question ‘Do you know your life’s purpose?’. Finally, Sue gives a God’s Dream house update.