Sue Fries Show – Understand Your Potential – 12/2/17

Sue Fries Show – Understand Your Potential – 12/2/17
The Sue Fries Show

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Sue speaks about the importance of finding what brings us passion and purpose. She encourages us to find what we are passionate about because we deserve an enriching, empowering, and fulfilling life. Sometimes we get beat up either physically or emotionally, but that’s why it’s important to persevere and get back up.

Sue encourages us to live each day in victory because it is great to be alive. She reminds us that regardless of what we are facing we must live out our dreams and refuse to live a defeated life.  Tune in as Sue encourages us to get to a place where the past no longer enslaves us and the possibilities of the future no longer frightens us. Don’t miss out as Sue ties this lesson in with personal experience and speaks about performing in the US Open for swing!