Sue Fries Show – Think Bigger – 1/27/18

Sue Fries Show – Think Bigger – 1/27/18
The Sue Fries Show

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Sue talks about the Ecola company meeting that kicks off the new year. Since her ownership began over 17 years ago, the company has grown to 85 employees and she has ordered 27 new trucks to the ECOLA fleet. Sue goes on to speak about the health fair that was held by Salem in Pasadena and the amount of the positive feedback she received from listeners like you.

Tune in as Sue reminds us that we can get through any obstacle that we seem to be unprepared for, and will become stronger and more prepared for the next challenge. She asks us to remember that we have a job to do, that we are important, and that we have to think big. Don’t miss out as she gives us five ways to “let go and let God”.