Sue Fries Show – Deceit, Lies, and Gossip – 7/22/17

Sue Fries Show – Deceit, Lies, and Gossip – 7/22/17
The Sue Fries Show

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Sue speaks about deceit, lies, and gossip. Listen as Sue uses her own personal experiences to provide us with ways to end the vicious cycle of gossip. She reminds us to overcome Satan’s infectious attitude of hate by praying for our enemies with the help of the Lord. It is crucial that we keep our faith to prevent ourselves from being misled by satanic deceptions as well as ensure that no corrupting speech leave our mouths.

Tune in as Sue speaks about the power of the Lord’s name and the forgiveness He will always have for us. Sue reminds us that when you understand who He is you can allow yourself to have a more meaningful relationship with Him. No matter what one may be going through, Sue reminds us that the Lord is here to guard us and guide us through life.