Sue Fries Show – When God Interrupts Your Plans – 7/29/17

Sue Fries Show – When God Interrupts Your Plans – 7/29/17
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Sue talks about lessons she has learned, experiences she has faced, and adventures she has had while traveling. Sue reminds us that it is important to be conscious of our thoughts, words, and choices in the pursuit of our final goals. God truly cares about each and every one of us which is why we must always have hope and faith.

Tune in as Sue reads from Kristina Fox’s article When God Interrupts Your Plans. Though interruptions in our life may be seen as a nuisance, they are truly acts of God’s grace. Sue tells us that Christ is more concerned with our transformation than giving us comfort in our daily life. She continues to tell us that Interruptions from God are meant as a sign to show us what we need.

Sue finishes up her show by talking about her wonderful trip to Hawaii with her daughter. Listen as she tells us about the beautiful places she visited and the exciting adventures she had while traveling.